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There are 22 million active & retired service members living in the US.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs – Office of the Actuary

8.7 million use the VA System as their primary health care provider.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs – Office of the Actuary

The current average wait time for medical care in the VA system is over 30 days. We must do better.

New York Times – July 8, 2015

The Choice Act of 2014 was supposed to solve the problems of the VA program – but it has fallen far short of anticipated expectations. on October 23, 2015

Watch the House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on the VA health care system on March 17 2017

Our Mission

The Citizens Committee for Military Medicare was founded in response to the fact that those who serve in our country’s military are not being served by their country. We formed this committee because we are concerned about the amount of time it takes veterans and active duty service members to access health care.  As things stand now, too many are dying while waiting to be seen by doctors at Veterans Administration facilities. Yet, the Veterans Administration is the only option for many in the military. It shouldn’t be.

With the help of the American public, we plan to lobby the government of the United States to pass a law supporting “Military Medicare”.  This would mean that military personnel, active or retired, could be seen by any doctor, at any office, at any hospital, at any time. This would not eliminate the VA program, but enhance it through increased choice and availability. It would allow Veterans to be treated at Medicare approved facilities at Tax-Payer cost. If you agree that this is the right thing to do, please sign our petition.

The Citizens Committee for Military Medicare has gained support at the local government level here on Long Island, NY, where 76,000 veterans reside. Our goal is to get a Federal bill drafted and passed that will allow Veterans to access the highest quality, tax-payer funded, health care from a provider of their choice, both inside and out of the VA system.

If you have any inquiries regarding this issue or the committee, please feel free to contact us.

Read our letters of support from the Suffolk & Nassau County Legislatures

In the News

A leaked VA document revealed that of the 847,000 applicants, more than 238,000 had died before receiving care.

(April 2015, “Anaylsis of Death Services”)

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries regarding Military Medicare, please feel free to contact us here.


Carol Kolar

Carol Kolar is a registered nurse and longtime community activist. Over the past 45 years, she has advocated for disabled children and cared for a great many patients with varied needs. As a co-owner/operator of a community based home care agency for the past 30 years, Carol has a first hand understanding of health care and the insurance industry. With family members and friends serving in the military, she has heard and responded to the many stories of VA neglect and inefficiency.

Bill Kokell

Bill is Korean era veteran, having served 16 months in Korea before being put on alert for possible transfer to Vietnam. As a civilian, Bill has been a local community activist for many years. He has volunteered with Big Brothers and Sisters of Long Island for the past 15 years, working with disadvantaged youth and young adults. He also volunteers at two local hospitals. Bill has direct experience with the VA health care system as a patient with both long term and emergency needs.

Jen Harenberg

Jen Harenberg is a supporter of legislation that puts people first and of solutions that make sense. Her father, Assemblyman Paul Harenberg, served in the New York State Legislature for over 25 years, championing issues of education, the aging and veterans. She is honored to bring her skills in interactive marketing to the Committee for Military Medicare, as she feels it is inexcusable for the people who put their lives on the line for our freedoms to be neglected by their government and the VA.